Haden Carpenter - EP / CD

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Support the music career of Haden Carpenter with this 7 track EP.
Songs include:
1. A Simple Thing
2. If I Lost You
3. Everything (To Me)
4. Tell Me Your Name
5. On The Line
6. Gone Again
7. Hanging Judge

Haden Carpenter's journey began by singing A cappella hymns in an Ozark Mountain church. At eighteen, Haden moved to Memphis Tennessee to study jazz vocals. There, he fell in love with regional artists such as Otis Redding, Al Green and Booker T. Other artists who he says influenced him are Paul Simon, James Taylor, Sly Stone and Stevie Wonder. After four years in Memphis, Haden moved east to Nashville where he says he loves "being a part of what's next" and feeling involved in influencing the direction of the industry. During his time in Nashville, Haden has grown as a writer, musician and artist.

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